Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So Blessed

I feel so very blessed from all the support I'm receiving from fans and bloggers for my book, The Earth Painter. That just blesses a writer's heart after spending so many hours querying agents only to be rejected. I was told my story had nothing to keep a reader reading. That they had no clue who my characters were and that my story wasn't enough to make a reader care.

Now to have people tell me my characters keep them awake at night. Readers telling me that they are losing sleep to race to the end and are countng down for the next book. It gives me a reason to keep writing.

I really need this to be my career. I dont' need to get rich but I have 3 boys who keep getting bigger each day and 1 small house that shrinks every day. Plus I've had every job out there and none fit. The characters in my head kept getting in the way. (I really have had a lot of jobs. My brother's family once had a catagory in charades called, "Jobs Aunt Missy Has Had")

I hope to be a much better writer one day with editor people to help me make my stories really sing. right now I'm doing my best and we will see how it goes.

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